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Hi guys

As Christmas is just around the corner and everyone will start decorating their homes soon, we've prepared a quick, easy and cheap DIY tutorial to get you in the Christmas spirit. It's very easy to create and we've spend only £8 all together to buy all the essentials. If you want to find out how to do this, click whole article.


1. Little Christmas balls (we got ours in Poundland)
2 & 3. Miniature figures - we could not fine any reindeers and stuff plus we had little time to get these, so we improvised. It's completely up to you and your imagination.
4. Some fake snow
5. Christmas paper (we printed ours as it was easier)
6. Different sizes and colors of glitter
7. This could easily be number 2,3, but i found this 2D rubber decorations really cute.
8. Scissors and knife (not on the picture)
9. Decorative tape (again use your imagination)
10. Paper glue (you can use pritt stick or modpodge or whatever you have)
11. Plastic wine glasses
12. Any typer of card board (we used disposable plates)
13. Really strong glue (also not on the picture), we used hot glue gun
14. Twigs from coniferous tree (can be any)
15. Funnel ( optional as u can just use a bit of paper for that)

And here we go, we're ready to start our 'project'

What you'll need to do first , is cut out a circle shape out of your cardboard (make sure it's bigger, than the wine glass). Then you'll want to cut out the same sized circle bit, out of your decoration paper. Stick these two together, don't worry if it's not perfect as you'll probably want to cut it into a nicer shape. ( below ) Use your own imagination when it comes to these :)

Once you're happy with the shape and size (ours is a bit bigger atm) you want to cut the end bit off of your plastic wine glass (be carefull when doing this guys). Place the things you'd like to be in your 'Christmas Bell' just so you can see if it's all going to fit in. Now take your strong glue, in our case hot glue gun, and glue your miniature figure, based on where you want it to be placed, on your decorated cardboard.

After that you can decorate it however you want. As it is quite small glass, so we have chosen to go for just a few fir needles to give it bit of Christmasy feeling. Now we're ready to stick our wine glas over it. Use your strong glue, and use that on the wine glass, not on the paper, as that wouldn't be as precise and it could get very messy.

Place the funnel (or make your own out of rolling a bit of paper together) inside the hole of you wine glass. Ready for the fun part??? Add some snow and glitter into our 'Christmas bell', it is compeletely up to you how much you'll use. And last but not least decorate the top of the bell with one of the christmas balls and decorative tape (you can also use a ribbon or such) and VOILA we're finished.

You can make as many of these as you want, as many different sizes, you don't have to use the wine glass, you can use bigger jars or whatever you have at home. Here are some pictures of some other things we have created.

We had so much fun creating these for you and we hope you've enjoyed the tutorial. Stay tuned for more posts. Big thank you to Naomi, who helped us with these as Simee has closed her finger into the door ( blood everywhere :( ) just before this tutorial happened.
Love and hugs, your Fashion Frenzy Chics x o x o


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1 Miss.Hill Miss.Hill | Web | 17. november 2013 at 20:03 | React

Moc krásný :)

2 xoEll xoEll | Web | 17. november 2013 at 20:05 | React

Super návod :)

3 Simee - Fashion Frenzy Chic Simee - Fashion Frenzy Chic | Web | 17. november 2013 at 20:14 | React

[1]: & [2]: Dakujeme :-)

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