Make your own Nutella Hot Chocolate

21. november 2013 at 13:22 | FFC |  Food

OOOOOH YES, you all read that correctly :P
So we are sitting there one evening thinking we fancy something sweet and warm, as you do when you're sitting at home on a cold winter evening. We thought of hot chocolate but that was quite boring...SOOO we came up with this little beauty!!! She (yes it's going to be a girl) is ah-mazingggg, the best hot chocolate EVER!
And how to make it? Well, keep reading...


1. 1 Cup of milk
(we preffer the whole milk, but you can use any type)
2. Whipped cream
3. Measuring cup
4. 2 tea spoons of NUTELLA
5. Spoon
6. Glasses/Cups
7. 1 tea spoon of hot chocolate
(any brand of hot choc can be used)
8. Whisk
9. Pot

Also we will be explaining the 'recipe' for one cup/glass of Nutella hot choc, we were actually making four of them, so this is why the amount can look different from yours. If you want to make 2 cups just double the amount of ingredients, 3 cups triple and so on...

Step 1: Pour half a glass/cup of milk into the pot and warm it up (we didn't actually time it, but pretty sure everyone knows how to WARM UP not BOIL milk)
Step 2: Once it's warm enough, mix in 1 spoon of hot chocolate of your choice
Step 3: Add 2 spoons of Nutella, make sure you do that pretty quickly, so it doesn't stick to the bottom of you pot.
Step 4: Stear it with a whisk until everything is melted in properly and you don't have any uneccessary bits of hot choc powder or nutella floating around :D

Step 5: Once it's all melted, pour the rest of the cup of milk into the pot and keep on the heat until you're satisfied with the temperature of your drink
Step 6: Make sure you whisk it once in a while
Step 7: Pour it into your glasses/cups
Step 8: Lastly, finish off your drink with some whipped cream and you're ready to drink it.

Tastes good right??? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us or tag us on instagram (if you have pictures of your hot chocolates), if you've tried this and if so, whether you liked it or not. We totally did, and it's going to become our favourite drink for this winter :)

Hugs and kisses
Your Fashion Frenzy Chics
x o x o


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1 Zarrie Zarrie | Web | 22. november 2013 at 14:50 | React

Yummiiii <3
Akorát nechápu, tohle je anglickej blog, či jak?

2 Chantal Manon Chantal Manon | Web | 23. november 2013 at 17:55 | React

Mňaam ♥ úplne úžasne to vyzerá :3
Určite to niekedy skúsim! :))
P.S.: Nádherný blog! :))

3 Simee* - Fashion Frenzy Chic Simee* - Fashion Frenzy Chic | Web | 25. november 2013 at 13:15 | React

[1]: Autorky su slováčky ale píšeme po anglicky lebo tu žijeme :)

Ďakujeme :)

4 Nikola. Nikola. | Web | 21. march 2014 at 14:25 | React


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