December 2013

Merry Christmas + Christmas Tag

24. december 2013 at 12:24 | Nessa & Simee |  TAGS

First of all..... Merry Christmas, frenzynators!
We really hope you have a wonderful and relaxed time. May all your wishes come true, may you spend it in a circle of your loved ones and get whatever presents you asked for (even though we all know Christmas is not about the presents).

We have decided to take this peaceful time of the year to make a different kind of blog post, something relaxing and just for a quick read, and came up with a Christmas TAG. We'll basically just answer few Christmassy questions that you might have not been able to find out about us otherwise. To read the Christmas TAG click whole article.

Snowflakes - Winter Nail Tutorial

23. december 2013 at 20:38 | Simee & Nessa |  Nails

Hey readers,

if there's still any left. We know it's been a long time, but with Christmas coming up, every possible free time was used for other Christmasy things, like Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, seeing friends. We did although had planned a video for you guys, but weather just hasn't been on our side lately, which made it impossible to film. I know what you're all thinking excuses, excuses...but we promise they're legit ;)
Anyway, we thought in the meantime, we would give you another nail tutorial.
Hope you enjoy it, to read more, click whole article.

Reindeer Nails - 2 Ways To Festive Look

14. december 2013 at 22:57 | Simee |  Nails

Hey fellow frenzinators,

We've got a nail tutorial for you today. As it's getting closer and closer to Christmas, this seemed like a good idea. We've got 2 looks for you, one simpler than the other, so hopefully everyone will find what they like.
Click whole article if you want to find out how to create these.

Room Decor Inspiration

9. december 2013 at 17:59 Tips
Hi guys

So i have put together an article that will/could help you with decorating the room. I know some of you may have seen these pictures all over the internet, but as i want to re-decorate my room as soon as we move, what a better place to have all the pictures and inspirations all together than a blog post :)

I will (i want to anyway) decorate my room into the vintage-y kind of bedroom, also i will not be spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on new furniture and decorations, as there is so many things you can do to your old furniture, but i will probably do a post of that some other time, once i'm actually doing it.

December Haul - Primark & Topshop

3. december 2013 at 14:49 | Simee |  fhaul
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Sooooo i went shopping :) YAAAY
I absolutely love Primark, and i love how innexpensive it is comparing to other clothing shops. I went a little bit mad, and i think i'd spend even more but with Christmas coming i had to set myself a budget...which i went over slightly...but shhh. Surprisingly it wasn't too 'over the top madness' like it usually is, and i managed to find quite nice stuff. People say the quality of the clothes isn't all that but for me they last a long time, and as fashion changes rapidly these days, i'd rather pay £14 for a sweater than £40, and to be honest most times, you can't even tell the difference.

Topshop on the other hand is my ultimate favourite but well, i'm not the person to be able to afford to buy like 20 items when i go in, but i did treat myself :)

Click whole article if you want to see what i've bought.