December Haul - Primark & Topshop

3. december 2013 at 14:49 | Simee |  fhaul
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Sooooo i went shopping :) YAAAY
I absolutely love Primark, and i love how innexpensive it is comparing to other clothing shops. I went a little bit mad, and i think i'd spend even more but with Christmas coming i had to set myself a budget...which i went over slightly...but shhh. Surprisingly it wasn't too 'over the top madness' like it usually is, and i managed to find quite nice stuff. People say the quality of the clothes isn't all that but for me they last a long time, and as fashion changes rapidly these days, i'd rather pay £14 for a sweater than £40, and to be honest most times, you can't even tell the difference.

Topshop on the other hand is my ultimate favourite but well, i'm not the person to be able to afford to buy like 20 items when i go in, but i did treat myself :)

Click whole article if you want to see what i've bought.


Gloves £2
how adorable are these? And i'm obsessed with owls at the moment, come on it would be a crime not to get them.
Snood £5
they had lots of varieties of these and also plain ones, but i liked this because sometimes the winter outfits can come across a bit plain and boring... so i got this to add a little colour and fun to the usual

Boots £15
i've already got similar ones of these from topshop, well shall i say had, they ripped literally after a month of wearing them :( so i bought these as a quick replacement until i find myself a better pair, because i am really fussy with my boots. But i'm wearing these right now and i'm slowly starting to like them, they are very comfortable too *bonus*

Clutch bag £8

Bag £12
(i will do whats in my bag post soon, so you'll see better pictures of this)

Super Cozy tights £3.50 each
- may i just say these are THE BEST invention to a girl for winter. I stopped wearing skirts cos i used to get so cold in winter, but no more of that. This are super warm thanks to a fleece lining inside and very comfortable to wear as well. LOVE love love them.

Oversized top £6
Really liked this probably due to the leather sleeves and pocket, which gave the top a casual but not too casual different kind of look and i thought it'd look nice with some leggings/disco pants and such.

Black floral Jumper/Sweater £14
All i have to say is i fell in love with this jumper as soon as i saw it. FAVOURITE BUY of the day ... It looks like something i'd expect to see in Topshop or such. Nice and floral but not summery, which is perfect for right now. I got this in size 16 for one because they haven't had my size, and two i like my jumpers a bit oversized, and i think lenghtwise, size 8 would be waaaaay too small for me ( perks of being a tall girl ;/ )

Navy blue Heart Sweater £14
I like this one because it has cute heart shape patterns, that kinda stick out of the jumper. Very comfortable material. Again I got this in a bigger size, 12 to be precise.

Peach Sweater £8
I know this is kind of summery colour, but why not give an outfit a little bit of life once in a while...No harm in that is there? Well maybe, but i like it he he.

Acid Wash Joggers/Sweat Pants £8
Love these, they're so light and cozy, and i just love chilling at home in these.

Stripy Leggings Pajama Bottoms £5
Well i used to love baggy pj's but i found it really annoying when in the middle of the night they'd just roll up all the time, just very unpractical for someone who sleeps like a fish (a fish that jumps out of water a lot). So i transfered into liking these and oh my are they comfortable!! And definately keep you warmer than baggy pj's


Paisley Burnout Devore Leggings £25
I love how they look, i normally hate other leggings with similar vintage pattern as i think you have to be careful with them as they can come across a bit too MARKETey for my liking but i just love these. For casual wear and for a night out as well. HAD TO

And this is it. Will you be buying any of these stuff yourself? What item did you like the most??
Let us know in the comments below.
X o x o


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1 Darkness ღ Darkness ღ | Web | 3. december 2013 at 20:03 | React

Zdravím, omlouvám se, že obtěžuji, ale chtěla bych poprosit o kliknutí na tento odkaz :
Zabere to jenom pár sekund a mě to pomůže. :) Jestli potřebuješ někde hlas nebo se rozhodneš do soutěže také zapojit, stačí mi napsat na blog a já ti to oplatím. ;)
Předem ti mockrát děkuji a omlouvám se za vyrušení.
Darkness ღ

2 Michelle Michelle | Web | 4. december 2013 at 19:43 | React

Thank you a lot! :)
A have never been to Primark, but my friend has got sister in England so when she is with her, they are very often in this shop and she says that it's the best shop ever, very cheap too :D :)

3 fashionfrenzychic fashionfrenzychic | Web | 5. december 2013 at 14:39 | React

[2]: No worries :)
Your friend is right, it is one amazing shop :P

4 ruthi. ruthi. | Web | 23. december 2013 at 20:48 | React

Aww, I really want some PRIMARK here in Czech republic! I love that jumpers you've bought! ;)

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