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First of all..... Merry Christmas, frenzynators!
We really hope you have a wonderful and relaxed time. May all your wishes come true, may you spend it in a circle of your loved ones and get whatever presents you asked for (even though we all know Christmas is not about the presents).

We have decided to take this peaceful time of the year to make a different kind of blog post, something relaxing and just for a quick read, and came up with a Christmas TAG. We'll basically just answer few Christmassy questions that you might have not been able to find out about us otherwise. To read the Christmas TAG click whole article.

The christmas tag

1. What is your all time favourite Christmas movie and why?

Nessa: Look who's talking now, because at the end that's what Christmas is about, spending time together and nothing else matters
Simee: Grinch, because it reminds me of ME every year, i can never get into the Christmas spirit until the actual Christmas arrives and then i'm all jolly and christmasy :D

2. Do you dress up for Christmas or do you prefer the comfy/pyjama look?

Nessa: Pyjama look all the way...
Simee: It depends on my mood, sometimes i'm in my pyjamas, sometimes i like to make a bit of effort

3. Do you open your presents Christmas eve or Christmas day morning?

Nessa: Christmas eve, cos that's the tradition in our birth country
Simee: What she said :)

4. What's your funniest Christmas story?

Nessa: Me
Simee: Our little brother on his first ever Christmas, sat under the tree and started opening everyone's presents thinking it was all his... Can't think of anything else atm....

5. Do you prefer real or fake Christmas tree?

Nessa: Fake, because i don't believe in killing trees.
Simee: Fake, less hassle, less cleaning, less money and you can re-use it until you're bored of it

6. What's the best Christmas present you've ever gotten?

Nessa: It was epic barbie, with skateboard set and her joints were actually moving, i was soo excited at the time.
Simee: It was my mini dolls house, i remember seeing it in one toy shop, but mum said it's expensive and Santa has to get presents for everyone not just me, so i lost my hope, then when i saw it under the Christmas tree it was the best thing ever!

7. What's your favourite Christmas food?

Nessa: Potato salad my mum makes.
Simee: I have to agree our mum makes the beeeeest potato salad ever, oh and of course nana's cakes! Delish

8. Where would you like to spend your Christmas, if all of your family could go with you as well?

Nessa: Somewhere where it's really hot so i can have Christmas on the beach for once.
Simee: Skying holiday! I hate Christmas without snow!

9. What's your favourite Christmas drink?

Nessa: Chocolate liquor
Simee: Tough one to answer, i have lots of fav drinks...

10. Do you have any Christmas family traditions?

Nessa + Simee : apart from the traditional Christmas food, nothing...

11. Do you own a christmas jumper?

Nessa: Yes, and ironically i got it for
Simee: Indeed i do

12. What's on top of your Christmas tree?

Nessa + Simee: Nessa insisted that our answer would be her on top of the Christmas tree, because apparently she's a star, but that's a lie as we have a ribbon on ours :D

13. Have you ever been kissed under a mistletoe?

Nessa: No.....
Simee: No, i'm not really a superstitious person

14: Do you get excited for Christmas?

Nessa: Not this year, because i'm only getting one day off work, so i don't really get time to rest.
Simee: Like i said, I don't until the Christmas is actually here :)

15: Any Christmas wishes for this year?

Nessa: Free worldwide shipping :D
Simee: Haha, that's a good one, but my Christmas wish stays unrevealed :)


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1 Cora Brancy Cora Brancy | Web | 26. december 2013 at 12:12 | React

mm, I also hate when there is no snow! It looks quite strange, I don't feel like it's christmas time. ^^ I also have to afree, that a potato salad is the best food which I can find on my plate during the "christmas dinner". :D Mmm, And I like the funny story about your little brother,  he's so cute. :D

2 sarah-lee sarah-lee | Web | 5. january 2014 at 16:47 | React


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