Reindeer Nails - 2 Ways To Festive Look

14. december 2013 at 22:57 | Simee |  Nails

Hey fellow frenzinators,

We've got a nail tutorial for you today. As it's getting closer and closer to Christmas, this seemed like a good idea. We've got 2 looks for you, one simpler than the other, so hopefully everyone will find what they like.
Click whole article if you want to find out how to create these.


✖ Light Brown Nail Varnish
✖ Red Nail Varnish
✖ White Nail Varnish
✖ Black Nail Varnish
✖ Cocktail Sticks


Firstly, paint all of your nails the chosen brown colour. Do as many coats as you need to, i've only done one coat, as i was only demonstrating the look and didn't want to wait ages for it to dry.

Next step - take the cocktail stick, dip it into the WHITE nail varnish and make two little dots not too far apart in the middle of your nail. Then dip another of your cocktail sticks into the RED nail varnish and make a little bit bigger dot under the white dots. Make sure you place it in the middle.

Repeat the same step for the rest of your nails.

Last but not least, dip your cocktail stick into the BLACK nail varnish and place two smaller dots in the middle of all of the white ones. Now for the antlers/horns you will need some patience. Try and do it on the piece of paper first to practice if you're not too skilled, if you are then all you need to do is draw them on with the cocktail stick and nail varnish. Shouldn't be too hard, if i could do it, then anyone can :) Now just let it dry and you're good to go.

And the first look is complete...

Firstly you will want to paint all of your finger nails red, except the ring finger, use the chosen brown colour. Now just for your ring finger, repeat the steps explained in the look one.

And the second look is complete. I personally prefer the second look, only because i'm normally too lazy with my nails, and i think that simple is more, but i would go a little overboard for Christmas :)

Did you like this tutorial? Are you going to try and recreate these? And what look did you prefer?


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1 Terr Rose Terr Rose | Web | 15. december 2013 at 12:20 | React

like it! :)

2 fashionfrenzychic fashionfrenzychic | Web | 16. december 2013 at 11:36 | React

[1]: we're really glad to hear :)

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