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Hi guys

So i have put together an article that will/could help you with decorating the room. I know some of you may have seen these pictures all over the internet, but as i want to re-decorate my room as soon as we move, what a better place to have all the pictures and inspirations all together than a blog post :)

I will (i want to anyway) decorate my room into the vintage-y kind of bedroom, also i will not be spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on new furniture and decorations, as there is so many things you can do to your old furniture, but i will probably do a post of that some other time, once i'm actually doing it.

When it comes to the colours of bedroom that are IN at the moment we're looking at pastely kind of baby pinks and other colours of your choice, duck egg, and white. These are the colours that i really like together, so for me it would be most of white, white and pink decorations and a lttle bit of ONE of the other colours to give it a little bit extra touch and so it doesn't look too dull. Obviously i am just an amateur and this is JUST what I LIKE.

Another thing i think gives a room that extra classy but nice and girly look at the same time is anything fluffy. Whether it's fluffy pillows different sizes and shapes, or the fluffy blankets put at the end edge of the bed, or the fluffy 'christmas' lights that you can hang around the room. These are the little things that will make the room look warmer and cozier.

Floral print is another great decoration tip, saying that, you should not over do it. Just a few little bits and bops for the room will be enough. Try floral print bed sheets, few candles or little storage boxes. Talking about candles, another great room decoration. Plus it will give your room a great smell and a bit of extra light. There are lots of candles different shapes and colours and flavour, i'm sure you'll be able to find one that suits you and your bedroom. Yankee Candles do lots of varieties and come in a nice glass jar. But you don't have to go out of your way to get expensive candles, you can get them anywhere for much cheaper as well.

Another great decor idea mugs/cups and any kind of pots. You can get them all diferent sizes, shapes and colours. They work great as holders for pencils, makeup pencils, brushes, or just on their own... the posibilities are endless.

Throwing away shopping bags after your shopping trip? Why? Some of the stores have the cutest bags ever. You can use them as decorations for your room and also store lots of things that you don't want people to see. I'm sure i'm not the only one who doesn't want all of my stuff in my room on display. Like girls stuff, and presents and i always keep my birthday cards so this is a good way of storing for me :) i would personally put them in a nice order on a shelf or even top of my wardrobe.

Magazines and books - just place them where you think it's best. Get magazines that match your room's colour scheme, it doesn't matter whether they're a year or 2 old. They just make another perfect decoration. And so do vintage books or in other words really old and scruffy looking books. You can get them for really cheap in charity shops or bootsales, no one said you have to read them, but they do make a room look prettier.

Other great tips like mirrors, picture frames, little decorative plates for jewelery etc etc. The choice is only yours. I hope this article's helped you if you are about to decorate your room, if not i hope you enjoyed reading it anyway.
What is your rooms colours and what decorations are your favourite?

Here as some other pictures.
Source: HERE, HERE and HERE


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Těším se až budu mít svuj pokoj, určitě bude vypadat podobně :)

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