Snowflakes - Winter Nail Tutorial

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Hey readers,

if there's still any left. We know it's been a long time, but with Christmas coming up, every possible free time was used for other Christmasy things, like Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, seeing friends. We did although had planned a video for you guys, but weather just hasn't been on our side lately, which made it impossible to film. I know what you're all thinking excuses, excuses...but we promise they're legit ;)
Anyway, we thought in the meantime, we would give you another nail tutorial.
Hope you enjoy it, to read more, click whole article.

What you'll need

✖ Nail Varnish Remover
✖ 3 Different shades of BLUE nail polish (darkest to lightest)
✖ White nail polish
✖ Gold (preferably glittery) nail polish
✖ Scissors
✖ Bobby Pin
✖ Cotton Buds (at least 20)
✖ Make-up sponge
✖ Thin nail art brush
(we actually made our own from a very thin make up brush)

Before you start doin anything, you'll have to make sure your nails are clean, non greasy, as this could result in bubbles appearing on your design. Now firstly take the make-up sponge and paint it with chosen blue colours, going from darker on top to lightest on the bottom. Use more nail polish than you'd normally do when painting your nails as the sponge will soak up some of it. Now gently apply the sponge onto the nail in kind of a 'dab dab dab' way.

The result should look like the picture above. Don't worry if you paint onto your fingers. Let it dry and repeat the same step as a second layer.

It should look something like the picture above, more colour, again don't worry about painting on your fingers.

Once the nail polish is all dry, take the cotton bud, soak it in nail varnish remover and slowly remove the varnish from your fingers. It will take some time and patience but you'll get there.

To start off the snowflake, draw 3 angled lines in the middle of your finger nail. We will be drawing these on your ring fingers and thumbs using nail art brush and white nail varnish.

We will then take a bobby pin, and paint a little dot on top of each tip of the star, like the picture above.

Then take the nail art brush again and draw little fishtails between the tip and centre of our snowflake. We decided to just do the simple things for the rest of the nails, for the middle finger and our little pinky, take a bobby pin and draw couple of different sized dots to create a snow effect look. For our index finger we drew a 1/3 of a snowflake in a corner. Now all we need to do is draw a little dot in the middle of each snowflake with a gold nail varnish, use a topcoat of your preference and once it's dry you're good to go :)

And this is the finished look. How do you like it? Will you be recreating it?


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1 ruthi. ruthi. | Web | 23. december 2013 at 20:43 | React

Wow, completely awesome! But I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it in this way :D I'm quite clumsy. ^^

2 fashionfrenzychic fashionfrenzychic | Web | 23. december 2013 at 20:48 | React

[1]: we're glad you like it, and trust me, i am as well when it comes to nail designs...and i managed, all it takes is a bit of patience, or practice on a piece of paper ;)

3 ruthi. ruthi. | Web | 23. december 2013 at 20:49 | React

[2]: Maybe one day I'll be more experinced :D mmm, I'm going to add your blog to favourite! I love it from the moment I've visit it today.. :D Sorry for my bad english! :)

4 fashionfrenzychic fashionfrenzychic | Web | 23. december 2013 at 21:02 | React

[3]: good luck :) and thank you, we're sooo happy you like our blog! We'll make sure we visit yours ;-)

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