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Review - Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation & Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002

9. january 2014 at 11:55 | Simee

As you can tell by the title of this blog post, i will be reviewing these two products. I went to Boots the other day to find a new foundation and primer, because the one i use is no longer doing the job and i like trying new stuff, i came across these two products, so i thought why not give it a go.


The primer has five claims 1. Smoothes 2. Resurfaces 3. Brightens 4. Mattifies 5. Protects.

The consistency of it is more like a lotion which for me is a plus, as it's easier and quicker to work with.
When i put this on my face, my skin feels smooth immediately. I found that it absorbs really well too, which results into less oily skin through the day. It DOES refresh my skin, or at least that's what it feels like wearing it. It definitely has the mattifying effect on my skin, and i haven't found a primer that would take care of my oily skin/shine as much until now, i can go way longer with this primer before the shine. So if you too, have an oily skin this might be for you. Protectionwise i don't think it lives up to that claim, but i find this with every primer i have used so far. I did however notice a breakout after using this product for the first time, but i am not sure if this was the primer's fault or just the 'time of the month'. I would definitely repurchase this primer as it's cheap and for a drugstore product does what it says on the bottle.


1. A feather-light, liquid mousse that blends flawlessly for natural-looking and an all day shine control 2. Silky smooth formula for a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish 3. Lightweight texture won't feel heavy or greasy 4. Minimises the appearance of pores

Now these are the claims of this foundation. Are they true? YES! I normally use higher more expensive foundations, because i feel like they are better for your skin. But after purchasing this one, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. My skin feels amazing, the foundation is so light on the skin i can hardly feel i'm wearing any. Saying that, it still has a really good coverage. I hate those type of foundations that make your face look really 'cakey' before they cover anything but this one doesn't. Like i said many times i have an oily skin, but this foundation took care of that. No more shine and oil for me. And it actually lasted that way for a whole day. Since i put it on at 7am until i took it off at 10pm, without the need to touch up with powder or blotting sheets. However i would not recommend this product if you have dry skin. Love the packaging, it's easy to just squeeze out of the tube in comparison to pump bottle foundations. The ONLY downfall iof this product is a quite a small range of shades, so hopefully Rimmel will decide to make these in a bit wider variety. All in all i'm giving this product 11 out of 10. Will definitely keep using it.

I hope this article has helped you if you weren't sure whether to purchase these items or not, or even if you wanted to try something new and didn't know what to go for.

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Argania - My New Favourite Hair Products

25. november 2013 at 12:49 | Simee*

Lots of us suffer from dry ends and I am not an exception. After a lot of bleaching (trying to get rid of black hair is a nightmare), my hair's been left in a terrible state. I have to get 'trims' (not like usual people, I have to get at least 3 inches off every time I get a 'trim') every two months, and even then my ends are very split and looking VERY unhealthy. I've been desperately trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that would leave my hair moisturised and was failing miserably until I found this about two weeks ago.

So there I was, browsing through different shampoos in Boots, as I was pretty much finished with my previous shampoo, which of course I wasn't happy with. I've heard about argan shampoos a lot and have previously purchased some off the internet too, but they made no difference in my hair condition. I really want to grow my hair so I was looking for something that will nourish and at the same time protect my hair because the more my hair grows, the more thin and troublesome it becomes.

Then I spotted Argania selection of products and decided to give it a go. "I've got nothing to lose" I told myself... The thing that got me to buy them was the smell. It's absolutely delicious kind of fragrance, if I had to describe it, I'd say it's got a sweet vanilla ish kind of smell, but not the head-achey one. I opted out for a shampoo and leave in conditioner from the range (as I have so many conditioners at home to use up), but will definitely be purchasing it after I empty them all.

I could see the difference in my hair straight after the first use. Hair felt smooth and silky, which for me was a miracle. Even my ends didn't feel as dry as they normally do. It is a moisturising shampoo, so i was a bit worried it would leave my hair greasy the next day, but it didn't. I left it for 3 days and my hair had only tiny bit of greasiness to them (very unnoticeable), which also doesn't happen to me very often. Normally I have to wash my hair every second day. The smell also lasts for days and this is a big bonus for me, as I cannot stand it when shampoo smell wears off after few hours.

All in all, I've been using it for 2 weeks now and can see a great difference in my 'before called hay'... You could say it is little bit on a pricey side for a drugstore shampoo (£7.99) and leave in conditioner (£9.99) but it's sooo worth it and it's still cheaper than salons' brand products.

The only downside to it is that now I want to try EVERYTHING from the Argania range. Oooops...

Ohhhh it's big thumbs up from me!