December Haul - Primark & Topshop

3. december 2013 at 14:49 | Simee
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Sooooo i went shopping :) YAAAY
I absolutely love Primark, and i love how innexpensive it is comparing to other clothing shops. I went a little bit mad, and i think i'd spend even more but with Christmas coming i had to set myself a budget...which i went over slightly...but shhh. Surprisingly it wasn't too 'over the top madness' like it usually is, and i managed to find quite nice stuff. People say the quality of the clothes isn't all that but for me they last a long time, and as fashion changes rapidly these days, i'd rather pay £14 for a sweater than £40, and to be honest most times, you can't even tell the difference.

Topshop on the other hand is my ultimate favourite but well, i'm not the person to be able to afford to buy like 20 items when i go in, but i did treat myself :)

Click whole article if you want to see what i've bought.