21. march 2014 at 11:00 | Simee and Nessa
Hi so today is the day you all (or at least the ones who entered the giveaway) been waiting for...
Thanks to random number generator (HERE) we have been abled to come up with a random number and select a winner of this giveaway. As far as you all remember THESE were the prizes you could win for this giveaway.

And now for the winner, as i know no one likes to read through all the rambling

*insert the calling a winner sound effect here*
Theeeee winner is Nikola. from blog!
Congratulations, i hope you enjoy the prizes and i hope you will be reading the posts on my new blog,
(there will be interesting giveaways too) :)

Please email us on as you haven't left your email address in the info.

As of now this is our last post on this blog and it will soon be deleted completely.
For those of you who enjoyed this blog you can now read Simee's posts

Love Simee and Nessa

Big THANK YOU with a small giveaway

7. march 2014 at 19:01 | Simee and Nessa

Hello our babiessss!

For most of you who follow us on our twitter account you already know, but those who don't, WE HAVE REACHED 1000 VIEWS on our blog Yesterday!!! We know, it may not seem like big deal to popular blogs who have 10 times more visitors a day, but to us it means sooooooo soooo soooooo much. Did we say SOOOOOOO much?

So we wanted to say a little thank you with a tiny giveaway :) There are 2 prizes first one being these little goodies

(We apologise for the quality of the pictures, but our iPad has made them look *beeeep*)

All you have to do to win the first prize is follow us both on instagram and just comment below saying "what you like about our blog and what makes you come back every time". The giveaway will close 2 weeks from now so you have plenty of time to enter. We will be picking our winners from the most original and honest answers. The giveaway is international so all of you have a chance to win.

Second prize is only for bloggers on domain, and that will be a blog design/makeover, whatever you want to call it, of your choice. For those applying to win a design, just comment below why would you want to win. You can enter for both prizes of course, just leave an answer to both questions. Make sure you leave your email addresses as well as we'll be contacting the winners both on a blog post and an email.

Good luck to all of you, hope this little thank you will make you as happy as your views make us. Thank you again you guys are so amazing!!!

Big love Simee and Nessa xxx

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