Snowflakes - Winter Nail Tutorial

23. december 2013 at 20:38 | Simee & Nessa

Hey readers,

if there's still any left. We know it's been a long time, but with Christmas coming up, every possible free time was used for other Christmasy things, like Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, seeing friends. We did although had planned a video for you guys, but weather just hasn't been on our side lately, which made it impossible to film. I know what you're all thinking excuses, excuses...but we promise they're legit ;)
Anyway, we thought in the meantime, we would give you another nail tutorial.
Hope you enjoy it, to read more, click whole article.

Reindeer Nails - 2 Ways To Festive Look

14. december 2013 at 22:57 | Simee

Hey fellow frenzinators,

We've got a nail tutorial for you today. As it's getting closer and closer to Christmas, this seemed like a good idea. We've got 2 looks for you, one simpler than the other, so hopefully everyone will find what they like.
Click whole article if you want to find out how to create these.